Terms of sales

General Sales Conditions

1. Contract

Contracts are established between the seller and the buyer and shall show volume, price, delivery period and timing. When timing of deliveries is not described in the contract, the seller will understand regular timing.

2. Force majeure

The sellers reserve the right to cancel or delay delivery in case of “force majeure”, including loss or damage of vessels at sea, blockade, war, revolution, strike, lockout, prohibition of exports, supplier’s failure to provide raw materials to the sellers, flood, fire, earthquake, epidemics etc.

3. Delivery

Our shipments are governed by the Incoterms rules defined and published by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Merchandise is always shipped at the purchaser’s own risk. Since the shippers take into account the weight of the shipment at its point of origin and only accept packages in good conditions, the sellers accept no liability for lost or damage shipments.

The sellers take care of maritime shipping insurance only upon purchaser’s request.

The buyer must take physical possession of the goods without delay and at its own expense. In case of a delay due to the buyer, all related costs and additional transport costs will be born by the buyer.

4. Payment

In case of no payment condition negotiated, payment is due 30 days Net – No financial discount for early payment
Failure to pay by the due date listed on the invoice shall result in the accrual of late fees equivalent to three times the French legal interest rate and a fixed compensation of 40€ for recovery fees will be charged (article L441-6 C. Com)

5. Market cancellation

Pursuant to art. 1657 C.C. the seller reserve the right to cancel quantities of products whose delivery is not requested before the expiration of the order deadline.

In the event of an overdue payment of an invoice, the seller reserve the right to require payment for subsequent deliveries prior to shipping, or to rescind the outstanding balance on the contract in question as well as other contracts, subject to damages, at the purchaser’s risk.

6. Proprietary rights

Merchandise remains our property until invoice amount is paid in full (law n°80 335 of 12/05/80)

7. Applicable law, Place of jurisdiction

This contract shall be governed by French law. Any disagreement arising out of the present contract or order shall be submitted to arbitration by the Arbitration Chamber of Paris