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cracriz_netOur CRACRIZ range of crunchy cereals is produced through extrusion cooking of a natural ingredient mix, based on cereals then oven toasted before packaging.

This technology delivers a crunchy product with a highly diversified range of textures, tastes, shapes and sizes…
In chocolate making, CRACRIZ provides various textures to give lightness to the chocolate.

For biscuit production, CRACRIZ gives volume to the biscuit, a more airy structure, a more crispy and less sticky texture while reducing the sugar and fat contents. The “NANO” CRACRIZ, CRACRIZ with a size ranging from 1 to 3.5 mm, can be incorporated into very small products such as fillings, coatings, pralines, spreads and of course on biscuits.

Their small size gives them a resisting and crisp texture. Their often high density (>300 G/L), allows massive incorporation into the mix, thereby enhancing the crunchy feeling.