Various ingredients for bread making

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Functional flours

GEMEF Industries is a producer of functional flours:

farines_fonbctionnellesBean flour

GMO free, rich in proteins, with a strong lipoxygenasic activity, bean flour stands as an excellent alternative to soya. In bread making, its advantages is mainly an improvement in dough machinability, an increase in fermentation capacity and a spectacular effect of whitening the soft part of the bread.

Malted wheat flour

Manufactured from selected malted flours chosen for their enzymatic potency, the malted wheat flour is rich in alpha-amylases, acts on the volume and aspect of breads. It also improves the texture of the soft part.

Toasted malted wheat flour

A malted wheat flour with a toasted flavour, it enhances the taste and colour of breads and biscuits.

Rice flour

Produced by an exclusive milling of selected rice varieties, rice flour has valuable qualities, technological, functional and organoleptic, that makes it a first choice component in foods preparations: dough flouring, texturing agent for biscuit mix, viscosity enhancer for sauces…

Vegetable protein concentrate

Our concentrate with a 55% protein content is issued from French faba beans that are guaranteed GMO free.